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Hot Water

We rely on hot water on a daily basis, from taking a nice warm shower to cooking, so it can become a real inconvenience if it isn’t readily available. Keeping your hot water Heating systems properly maintained not only provides you with on-demand hot water but also conserves water usage and keeps your water bills down.


Tri City Heating and Cooling Inc. offers maintenance and 24/7 emergency repair services from certified technicians that will ensure your hot water Heating system is in working order in a timely and efficient manner. Whether your hot water tank is leaking, the water pressure is low, the hot water is running out, or your water is too hot or too cold, we will provide full inspection and repair of your equipment and ensure you are fully informed on how to prevent future issues.

Water Heater Installation

As we are fully trained in a wide range of heating systems, our contractors deliver reliable residential and commercial water heater installation services. Since there are varying factors in identifying the type of equipment that will best suit your needs, we offer a selection of energy-efficient and reliable water heaters to choose from. Take a look at our products.

Experiencing problems with your hot water?

Receive prompt service from one of our trusted contractors.

Power Vent rental cost is $30.99/month and purchase cost is $2150

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