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Boilers Services

Annual boiler services and inspection starting from $149.99.

Are you in need of emergency boiler repair? Common issues include a foul smell, noise pumps or that it is no longer Heating your home or commercial space. 


Tri City Heating and Cooling Inc. offers boiler maintenance, installations and repairs for residential and commercial use to ensure it’s running at its highest efficiency.


Since water is used to heat your space, the problem can be coming from the water or the machine itself. Our technicians are fully trained, with specialized skills in troubleshooting and determining solutions for a wide range of Heating issues for hi and low-pressure steam and hot water boilers, and boiler water treatment, chemical and service. You will have peace of mind knowing that our technicians take the time to clarify the problems once they have fully assessed the machine and surrounding areas and present you with possible solutions in rectifying the issue. 


We also offer our customers with the option to select a new system that suits your needs, including high efficiency, natural gas boilers that have less impact on the environment. Providing you with a reliable and durable product ensures it will have a longer service life and reduces energy consumption. Learn more about our products.

Looking for a repair or maintenance on your boiler?

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